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Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005

Item #: BTP-Shanghai-S-Turbo
Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005
Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005
Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005
Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005
Mazda Miata Shanghai-S Turbo System 1990-2005
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The Miata Turbo Kit for those who are budget minded. The system is comprised of all BTP parts except the turbo. The turbo is a Chinese turbo with journal bearings. It is oil and water cooled. We used and drove a China Charger in house for 10 months with no problems prior to selling the kit. The whole idea behind using the Shanghai Turbo is if it breaks, it is cheaper to replace. The turbo can always be upgraded to a Garrett Turbo or add on an intercooler with minumal effort.

The Shangahi S kit is designed to run 5-6 psi which will run approximately 140-170 whp, depending on the year of the Miata. The T25/T28 turbo used is equivilent to a Garrett GT2854 or GT2560. The kit can be upgraded to add an intercooler and more power by reclocking the turbo. While we don't allow turbo deletes on these kits, we can delete the turbo outlet tubes if you would like to add a DIY intercooler kit.

System Features:
China Charger comparable to a GT2854/ GT2560
BTP Cast Iron Exhaust Manifold
Mild Steel Downpipe with 4" Separated Gases Tube
Rubber Oil Supply and Coolant Lines at the Turbo & FIttings
Rubber Oil Drain Line & FIttings
Black Powder Coated Tubes
IAT Sensor Bung
K & N Air Filter
Black Turbo Hose
Heater Line Heat Tubing
ABA Hose Clamps
Comprehensive, Photo Illustrated, User Friendly Instructions.

Warranty: All BTP items carry a one year warranty. The turbo carries a warranty issued by the manufacturer for 15 days.

Note: Due to the inexpensive nature of the system we are not allowing any turbo substitutions. If you would like us to configure a kit around a used turbo, please purchase a BTP-S or BTP Turbo System. Also, if the system is purchased as is, we will put a Garrett actuator on the turbo to ensure that it reaches 5 psi. If the system is purchased with a MS PNP or Intercooler, we will reuse the Chinese actuator.

Available Options:

Color: All steel tubes for the turbo system come powder coated black.

Material: Refers to material of choice for the downpipe. The BTP-S kit includes a mild steel downpipe. The stainless downpipe will do a better job of insulating the heat. It helps to keep the foot well cooler.

Wideband O2: The downpipe comes with a bung for the stock sensor only. You can add on a bung for the wideband O2 sensor. If you elect to add the WB bung, it includes an O2 bung plug.

Turbo Size: The BTP-S system comes with the T25/T28 turbo, however you can upgrade to a larger turbo. The T2871 turbo is great for a built motor only.

Intercooler: The BTP-S is non-intercooled. You can add the BTP intercooler kit and it includes the intercooler, intercooler tubes, turbo hose, hose clamps, and new lower radiator hose. The intercooler is rated to 250 whp.

Fueling: All BTP-Shanghai S Systems are configured to work with the MSPNP. The MegaSquirt is the most economical option for the 1990-1997 year Miatas and the most capable. It is a standalone ECU and is capable of handling whatever power you throw at it. The 99-05 BTP Shanghai S kits will come ready for use with the BTP ECU Reflash.

Bypass Valve: The Bypass valve is used to eliminate compressor surge. Compressor surge will not damage the turbo, however it is an annoying noise when lifting the foot off the throttle when under boost.

Heatshield: You can add a heatshield to protect your brake lines. A necessity for the larger turbos or any boost levels over 6 psi.

Oil Pan Drill and Tap: The BTP-S does not include the drill bit and tap for the oil pan. It can be added on if you cannot source one locally. The tap is not available at hardware stores.

Stainless Braided Coolant Lines: The BTP-S comes with rubber coolant and oil lines. It is an economical solution, but you should expect to change them out yearly. They will wear faster from the heat. You can upgrade to stainless oil supply and coolant lines for durability and reliability. The upgrade includes a stainless oil supply line and two stainless coolant lines plus related fittings. If you want to set it and forget it, go with stainless lines

Ceramic Coating: The ceramic coating is mainly for looks. It will not show surface rust like the standard black painted manifolds. The ceramic coating will have a small benefit for heat reduction, but it is not very significant on this application.

Stainless Steel Oil Drain Line: The Shanghai S comes with a rubber oil drain line and two brass hose barbs. If you would like the durability of the stainless line, add it on to the system. The upgrade will include the stainless line and two AN fittings.

Gauge Mount and Boost Gauge: Offered separately in case you already have one or the other. A boost gauge is highly recommended! You will not know if you are over boosting without the gauge.

Cruise Control: We need to know if you have cruise control on the 1990-1997 Miatas. If so, we need to send you a bracket to relocate it. There is not an extra charge for the bracket.

Retail Price: $2,250.00
You Save $ 401.00

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