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Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015

Item #: GWR-61-0214BME-FM-I03-90010
Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015
Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015
Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015
Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015
Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015
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Mazda MX5 Miata NC MP62 SUPERCHARGER SYSTEM Complete 2006-2015

Boost your NC MX-5! Includes a reflashed ECU and everything you need.

Now legal for use in California! This is the only forced induction system available that is street legal in every state in the US, and it's only available from Flyin' Miata. CARB E.O. D-601-2. It's also TÜV approved, although you must purchase through SPS Motorsports to get the TÜV approved parts.

This is a gorgeous piece of work that really wakes up the car. How good is it? Mazda USA put it on their Super20 show car. Mazda Germany put it on two show cars and even considered a limited production run. Yes, it's engineered to factory levels.

We've raced it in the gruelling Targa Newfoundland, a full week of competition over a variety of rally stages. Our test cars see regular track time on our own track and across the country, and have spent weeks strapped to our in-house dyno.

We've also taken it through the rigourous CARB testing for use in California, and passed with flying colors. The California version runs slightly lower boost.

The heart of the kit is a custom casting that incorporates an intake manifold, an air/water intercooler and the reliable and popular MP62 supercharger. The 6-rib serpentine belt drives the supercharger, using Mazda's own automatic tensioner. It's a very clean setup. The air/water intercooler means that intake temperatures are kept to a reasonable level, keeping the power safe for your engine and opening the door for future upgrades. Paint it black, and nobody would ever expect the engine bay was hiding such a secret.

The really delightful thing about this kit (beside its exceptional build quality) is its absolute transparency. There is nothing telling you that you're driving a modified car. No odd noises, no lumps or bumps in power delivery (much, much smoother than the factory turbo cars were), just that your car will now pull much, much harder from low rpm to redline. Engine power increases to approximately 225 hp at the wheels for the federal version and 215 hp for the California. Basically, it turns your car into the Mazdaspeed that Mazda never made.

To put that power into perspective, Automobile tested the Super20 show car and clocked a 5.3 second 0-60 time.

Engine management is handled by a reprogrammed stock ECU. This means OBD-II compatibility and no emissions hassles even in California. You must purchase a tuning interface cable to load the ecu reflash. We will send you a map to upload using your laptop and the tuning cable. You then need to datalog your car using the same program and email the logs to us. We will tweak your file until it is perfect for your car - this may take a couple of iterations of logging. You can use the cable for future datalogging or to retrieve engine codes if necessary.

Now using the new Race Rom programming! This means you get the following new features:

Flat shift. Just keep your foot to the floor when you shift and the ECU will modulate the throttle so you have a fast, smooth shift with no RPM spike. This is fun. Rev match. Also fun! The ECU will give the throttle a blip when you hit the clutch while braking, just like you're heel-toeing the shift. Multiple maps. Up to four different tunes can be stored in the ECU, easily accessed via the buttons on the steering wheel. You can set the car up for different octane fuel, turn the shifting assists on and off or have a valet mode with a low redline. The kit is available without engine management if you've already got the ability to tune your ECU.

Notes on the California version:

This version runs a bit less boost and will make approximately 215 hp at the wheels. That's roughly 65 hp more than stock. In order to retain emissions compliance, you must use the Flyin' Miata engine tune. Any additional modifications such as headers must also have an EO number. A federal (non-California) kit can be retrofitted with the parts required to bring it into compliance in the future. Includes everything you need, from fuel injectors to a tube of Loctite. Due to the quality of the engine programming, it's safe on cars with stock engine internals at the standard boost level. Three year, 50,000 mile warranty!

Fits all 2006-15 Miatas, including automatic cars. 2009 and later cars with manual transmissions will require the earlier style intake pipe. Please note that the pulleys on the superchargers may show installation marks, as we have to change the pulley depending on if it's a California or non-California kit. This does not affect the warranty.

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