The following items represent the only modifications and safety items permitted and/or required on Spec Miata automobiles other than safety items as required in Section 9. No permitted component/modification shall additionally perform a prohibited function. No updating or backdating of cars, models, specifications, and/or components thereof shall be permitted except as specifically authorized in these specifications.

A Shop Manual for the specific make, model, and year of automobile is required to be in the possession of each entrant. The manual is intended to aid Scrutineers in identifying parts and the configuration of the automobile. Overhaul procedures that in the slightest way would increase performance are not to be utilized; e.g., porting, etc. Blueprinting and balancing are inconsistent with the philosophy of this class and are not permitted.

All adjustments shall be at the manufacturer’s specification and/or within the manufacturer’s specified tolerances except as permitted within the SMCS.

Stock replacement parts may be obtained from sources other than the manufacturer provided they are the exact equivalent of the original parts. The intent of this rule is to allow the competitor to obtain replacement parts from standard industry outlets, e.g., auto-parts distributors, rather than from the manufacturer. It is not intended to allow parts that do not meet all dimensional and material specifications of new parts from the manufacturer.

The application and/or use of any painting, coating, plating, or impregnating substance (i.e. anti-friction, thermal barrier, oil shedding coatings, chrome, anodizing, etc.) to any internal engine surface, transmission, differential, internal or external surfaces of the exhaust manifold or down-tube, is prohibited.
Spec Miata Engine Modifications
Spec Miata Cooling System
Spec Miata Transmission/Final Drive
Spec Miata Chassis
Spec Miata Brakes
Spec Miata Wheels and Tires
Spec Miata Body & Structure
Spec Miata Driver/Passenger Compartment - Trunk
Spec Miata Safety
9.1.8. 2009 Spec Miata Class Specifications

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