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Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005

Item #: BEGI-S5
Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005
Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005
Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005
Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005
Begi S5 Miata Turbo System 1994-2005
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The BEGi Turbo System features components not found in any other systems. The most obvious parts are the scooper, radiator cover, and the cool air box. The power improvements come from the new downpipe, larger intercooler, and exhaust manifold improvements unprecedented in turbocharging. The downpipe is stainless steel, and features a new power improving design. Many of the power improvements are evident in the details. Temperature reductions through out the system have also received special attention. The water and oil lines to the turbo are more heat tolerant, well beyond the requirements. The system also features t-bolt hose clamps on the boost tubes. The larger intercooler has sheet metal endtanks with a bar and plate core. The kit comes with black powder coated tubes, and black turbo hose.

Many of the engineering features we have created in these systems will find their way into the "kit maker" industry standards. This is clearly all part of the fun.

Have you ever wondered how close attention we paid to detail? Here is the answer - there is only one intercooler tube that can be used on two different year cars. Every single tube has been designed to fit that year car and that year car only. Some people might call it a little much, we call it easier to install.

We have the parts needed for all RHD cars too! Please specify that you have a UK sped car on a 1.6L motor so we know to include the correct heatshield and oil supply lines. This feature is available for all turbo systems.

New STANDARD Features! Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifold and Turbine Housing! No More Broken Studs!!! 10 mm Turbo to Manifold Studs.

The "Military Power" System.

Power Levels starting at 8 psi to the limits of the engine, fuel system, octane rating of fuel. The limits of the turbo can approach 450 + bhp.

This system has the potential to take the Miata engine into power ranges that have not yet been approached. The Series 5 variables including the turbo sizing, intercooling, thermal controls, engine management, and wastegates all clearly offer virtually ideal combinations for power levels starting at as low as 200 rwhp to the limits of the engine. This system is custom built for the end users goals.

System Features:

* Garrett T3, T4, T3 Hybrid, GT2860, GT2871, or GT3071 Turbo with Oil and Water Cooling
* Ceramic Coated Turbine Housing
* Cast Ductile Iron Exhaust Manifold, No EGR Fitting - Ceramic Coated!
* Stainless Steel Separated Gases Downpipe
* Stainless Steel Braided Oil Feed and Water Lines at the Turbo
* Stainless Steel Oil Drain Line
* Intercooler # 3 (custom sizes available)
* Tial External Wastegate, typically the 38 mm
* Cool Air Box
* Radiator Cover (1990-1997 Only)
* Air Scooper
* Water By-Pass System
* Coolant Re-Route
* Power Steering Cooler (1999-2004 Only)
* Turbo Heatshield
* Compressor Inlet Tube Heatshield
* Black Powdercoated Tubes
* K & N Air Filter
* Heater Line Heat Wrap
* Boost Gauge
* A-Pillar Gauge Mount
* Black Turbo Hose
* T-Bolt Hose Clamps
* Oil Pan Drill Bits and Tap
* Comprehensive, Photo Illustrated, User Friendly Instructions.

Not available for 1990 to 1993 Miatas.

Please specify whether or not the flow meter will be used. This turbo system is a custom system and built to the specifics provided by the customer. We encourage customer to call and order this system due to all the turbo, wastegate, and downpipe options available. Lead time on this system is typically 8-10 weeks, depending upon turbo availability and parts needed to make.

Retail Price: $5,000.00
You Save $ 300.00

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