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Zymol Microwipe

Item #: ZYM-ZMW101
Zymol Microwipe
Zymol Microwipe
Zymol Microwipe
Zymol Microwipe
Zymol Microwipe
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The zymöl Microwipe is the 21st Century alternative to final buffing with a cotton towel. The ultra light- weight, "rubber" (nylon +nytril) quad axial woven material repels wax, forcing all of your zymol wax to bond during application. Additionally, the zymöl Microwipe allows you let zymol wax bond longer (up to 5 minutes before buffing to a brilliant deep shine). The zymöl Microwipe eliminates over-buffing which can be a significant source of scratching. The easy-to-clean, 16x16 towelette perfects the wax application to your beauty any time.

Care Instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in luke warm water, mild detergent - do not use fabric softeners or detergents containing fabric softeners, as streaks and smears in your finish may result.

Sold as 2 pack.

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