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BSCI Roll Bar Padding

Item #: MC-PAD
BSCI Roll Bar Padding
BSCI Roll Bar Padding
BSCI Roll Bar Padding
BSCI Roll Bar Padding
BSCI Roll Bar Padding
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BSCI Roll Bar Padding

3 foot stick of Black round style BSCI roll bar padding. Red and Blue are available. Price is per stick. It takes a minimum of 2 sticks to cover the basic parts of a roll cage in a Miata.

BSCI's 68000 Series Roll Bar Paddings both meet SFI standard 45.1. Each pad is 3 feet (36"/915 mm) long and comes with a molded-in acrylic adhesive for easy application to the roll bar.

- 3/4" thick.
- Fits 1 1/8" - 1 1/2" bar diameters.
- Wraps approximately halfway around the bar.
- Best for applications where space near the bar is not limited.
- Can be bent to fit 125 mm diameter or greater radius with no heating.

A unique dimension of the BSCI pad is its ability to wrap and twist around the bars in the roll cage without breaking and cracking. This padding can be bent to fit small radii with no heating required. Its application eliminates the need for sizing and cutting the padding so as to avoid breakage on turns and bends in the roll bar.

GCR 9.4.G

1. All portions of the roll cage subject to contact by the driver must be padded with a minimum 1 inch of material. Padding that meets or exceeds SFI 45.1 or FIA 8857-2001 (curved padding), or SFI 45.2 or FIA sports car head rest material (flat padding) specification is recommended.

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