"Fresh from its 2006 remake, the two-seat MX-5 Miata roadster continues to capture the hearts of driving enthusiasts and open-air aficionados everywhere. The lightweight roadster may not be big on horsepower, but its 50/50 front-to-rear weight distribution, dynamic suspension and lightening-quick steering make it a blast to drive, while its excellent fuel economy makes it the perfect commuter car. Despite its small proportions, the MX-5 is easy to live with. The top, for example, can be operated from inside the car with just one arm and, when retracted, collapses into a small well behind the seats, as does the new available power-operated hardtop. As a result, the MX-5's small trunk is unaffected by the top's position, a claim cars such as the Pontiac Solstice can't make." - KBB.com

"The third-generation car continues the trend. It still changes direction like a go-kart, communicates clearly to the driver and accelerates with an inspiring inline-4 growl. If you're in the market for an affordable car that provides plenty of top-down, open-road thrills, we highly recommend putting a new or used Mazda Miata on your list." - Edmonds.com

"Overall: ***** The rare five-star vehicle." - Jalopnik Reviews: 2007 Mazda MX-5 Miata Power Retractable Hardtop

"Technophiles will have lots of fun driving the 2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata on weekends but may get bored due to the average audio quality and the lack of electronics integration during daily drives." - CNet.com

"The 2006 Mazda MX-5 Miata exhibits great handling and power. The six-speed manual gearbox gives the driver lots of options, and its low price makes it a great value." - CNet.com

"If brutal winters make owning a soft-top car a nightmare, the MX-5's new retractable hardtop is a dream come true. The MX-5's excellent fuel economy makes it a viable commuter car for those looking to leave their gas-thirsty SUVs at home. Driving enthusiasts and SCCA members love its wonderful handling and overall nimble performance." - KBB.com

"Think it through and you should realize what Miata owners knew all along: this car is invincible in terms of fun-for-the-buck, especially over time." - Automotive.com

"Few automobiles remain as perfect after a dozen years and only two generations, and few so closely to their original design and engineering briefs. - Automobile Magazine 2/02

"Why mess with success? The Miata's concept and brilliant execution as an attainable, approachable, and utterly fantastic sports car are as relevant in 2002 as they were in 1989." - Automobile Magazine 2/02

"Indeed, cars that give their drivers such joyful sensations are perhaps more important now than ever." - Automobile Magazine 2/02

The essence of the Miata has remained the same lo these many years: a lightweight, rigid, rear-wheel-drive chassis; quick steering and athletic reflexes; a finely calibrated manual transmission; and a modest yet refined four-cylinder engine. Throw in a couple of bucket seats and an exposed sky, and you have a stellar sports car, one that's immensely rewarding to drivers of any skill level." - Automobile Magazine 2/02

"No competitor had equaled the Miata's pureness of spirit, at least not at this price." - Automobile Magazine 2/02

"The Miata is still the best formula for a roadster that puts driving pleasure before all else, with reliability, practicality, and beauty in the bargain." - Automobile Magazine 2/02

"The Miata has been an Automobile Magazine All-Star for twelve years" 1990 - 2002. Note, not consecutive as there was no 1998 model. Also note that the Miata was the only vehicle to ever win the "All-Star" twelve times.

"Most Fun" - Convertibles $25,000 & Below - Motor Trend 8/01

"Emphasizing the driving experience." - Road & Track 11/00

"One of the Five Best Convertibles under $25,000" - Road & Track 7/01

Note: "One of" because the MR2 Spyder was the other.

"We all concur that Mazda has done a fantastic job of staying honest to the original concept, yet improving the car along the way." - Road & Track 7/01

"After all these years, the Miata has maintained its fun, agile and tossable personality, and has stayed honest to the original concept...it's still a blast to drive." - Road & Track 7/01

"Still, the 2001 Miata is a great bang-for-the-buck, a blast to drive, with one-make that two-of the best-shifting manual transmissions in the business." - AutoWeek 8/3/01

"...excellent handling and a low, thrilling ride that's ideal for enjoying low-speed twisty roads on sunny days. The Miata's handling feels well connected to the road in an almost go-kart-like fashion. - TheCarConnection.com 2001 Buyer's Guide

"We still can't get enough of this always fun-to-drive Japanese roadster" - Edmunds.com

"And when the car is totally redesigned for the third generation, maybe we'll just have to add another one to our long-term fleet. Gee, what a bummer that would be." - Edmunds.com

"People need to make the Miata their fun car, if for nothing more than a stress-reliever." - Edmunds.com

"It's still the number one roadster in our book." - Automobile Magazine Buying and Leasing 2001

"The 2002 Miata is an Automobile Magazine All-Star." Note: 12th time, the only vehicle to be bestowed this title as much.

"There is no other sports car that offers the same combination of engaging personality, practicality, affordability, and sheer driving pleasure." - Automobile Magazine 2/01

"...the Miata is the best all-around package." - Automobile Magazine 2/01

"a shining testament to Mazda's new 'Dynamic DNA' philosophy, which states that all Mazda vehicles be fun to drive and 'share oneness between car and driver." - Road & Track 11/00 (note: was plural as this statement was made for both the Millenia and Miata).

"The extraordinary feedback and dartability you get from the Miata are still alive and well, steering reactions are as sharp as ever, and, in this superbly balanced sportster, a big-smile tail slide is only a decent corner away." - Automobile Magazine 11/00

"The Miata exhibits body stiffness that's truly remarkable for a roadster." - Road & Track 11/00

"The Miata remains rock-solid stable through all types of turns, with its double-wishbone suspension (with firmer shocks) providing minimal body roll and flawless balance." - Road & Track 11/00

"Its inherent simplicity makes it stand out all the more." - Automobile Magazine 5/00

"Break down the idea of the sports car into its essential elements, and you see the Miata has them all." - Automobile Magazine 5/00

"The Miata provides everything you need in a sports car and nothing you don't." - Automobile Magazine 5/00

"The Miata's sports car purity has kept it a fixture on our All-Stars list year after year." - Automobile Magazine 5/00

"This is a car you can push to its handling limits again and again, all while improving your driving skills and having a hoot." -Automobile Magazine Buying and Leasing 2000

"For a little over $20,000 the base Miata offers all the fun you could want while costing so little that it might just be a rational purchase." - Automobile Magazine Buying and Leasing 2000

"Today, more than 500,000 Miatas around the world have made it something of a classic in its own right." - Road & Track 6/00

"With a perfect 50/50 weight distribution, a hassle-free convertible top equipped with a glass rear window with defroster, and razor-sharp handling, the Miata is the most fun roadster you can buy for less than 30 grand." - Edmunds.com

"When the Mazda MX-5 Miata roadster debuted in 1989, this snazzy little convertible was an instant hit. Marking a revival of the affordable roadster format that was once dominated by British automakers, the Mazda Miata introduced a modern approach to reliability and engineering. Buyers lined up outside Mazda dealerships and gladly paid sticker price-plus-some for the fetching new Miata." - Edmunds.com


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