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Windblocker Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the Windstop fit any year Miata?
Answer: Yes, the Windstop will fit any year Miata.

Question: Do I have to drill any holes in my car to mount the Windstop? How does it attach
Answer: No. The included Windstop mounting bracket uses existing holes. No drilling is required.

The lower bolt is the tenax snap for the boot. The top bolt hole is already there, courtesy of Mazda. No drilling is required, Just remove the plastic cap and thread in the supplied 13mm bolt.

Question: How can I tell if the Windstop will fit with my rollbar?
Answer: The easiest way to tell if the Windstop will fit with your rollbar is a quick visual check. Put the top down (which is how it should always be anyway). Move one of the seats forward so you can get a good look at the seatbelt anchor. If you can see the two mounting points then you will be able to install the Windstop without a problem.

Question: My Miata has a stiffener bar behind the seats, will the Windstop fit ok?
Answer: The Windstop will fit 94-97 Miata's with the stiffener bar. The Windstops mounting brackets protrude just behind the bar.

Question: My Windstop moves slightly forward after I've driven my car. I'd like it to stay at a 90 degrees.
Answer: Slightly tighten the captive nut on the hinge. You'll need a 3/16" Allen wrench and a 13mm open end wrench or socket to do this. Remove the Windstop and put it on a table so you don't risk scratching your car.

Question: I'm getting a '99+ Miata that has the factory Windblocker and would like to use the Windstop in it's place. Can I safely remove the factory Windblocker?
Answer: The factory Windblocker can be removed and the Windstop can be installed in it's place.

Question:Can I use a Windstop if my car has a glass back window?
Answer: Yes, you can raise and lower the top with the Windstop in place.

Question: Can I unzip the plastic back window with the Windstop in place?
Answer: Yes. The window will lay flat under the Windstop like normal.

Question: Can I use a Windstop with a Hard Dog roll bar?
Answer: No. The Windstop won't fit because the 4 point roll bar. This would be the case with all 4 point roll bars.

Question: I can't snap the lower bar to the carpet and the fabric is stretched too tight. What's the problem, you guys said it would fit?
Answer: You have the Windstop in backwards or have the mounting brackets upside down. The Windstop should be mounted with the flush side toward the back of the car.

Question: Does the Windstop come in any other colors?
Answer: Yes, as long as you like black.

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